Meta House

Art exhibitions, film screenings, concerts, DJ nights, special events – doubling as the Goethe Institute, the German Cultural Centre.

Currently closed; moving into new premises on St 278 in June.


2 thoughts on “Meta House

  1. I write because I’m organizing my future exhibitions with my group of photographers
    I was wondering if you knew any gallery or cultural center or institution where they could make an international photography exhibition.

    My group is composed by:
    Rafael Ugueto by Spain
    Alfredo Pajes by Paraguay
    Craig King of England
    Keith Elliot England
    and Betty Poluk by Canada

    Our artistic proposals are based on “series” photographic subjects such as music, transportation, winter. ..among others

    We work on the same subject, seen from different points of view.

    We work on the same subject and is approached from the point of view of each photographer and always look for ways to convey a message.

    We printed the photographs and send to the institution, Centre or Gallery with the biography of each artist.

    The photographs are donated to the institution, center or Gallery to their personal collection or for any charitable activity.

    Right now we have covered the 2016 calendar, but as exposures arise and planned in advance, I am contacting you now to close any date in your space exhibition 2017

    we are a team with experience and knowledge of art

    in our pictures there is no violent or vulgar language.

    I hope we can work together
    a big hug and blessings
    I hope to answer

    Forgive my bad English, currently living in Canada but I’m from Spain
    If you are interested, tell me
    Thank you

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