Kumnooh: Cambodia arts for week commencing 25 August, 2020


Thursday 27 at The Plantation, the opening of a photographic exhibition, People of the Wakhan, by Joaquin Barata.  “This exhibition portrays a unique journey over high-altitude passes and through colourful nomadic settlements in one of the most remote areas of Afghanistan. In this part of the world, little has changed over the last centuries and the harshness of life is reflected onto the faces of the people.”  From 6 pm.
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Friday 28, at Mirage Contemporary Art Space in Siem Reap, the opening of I am Nature?, an exhibition by Khchao Touch, featuring both oil on wood and pen on paper.  “Khchao Touch’s practice explores the questions of the origin and purpose of self and it’s in the act of creation where she finds stillness and calmness. Nature is the essence of it. Tribal and organic, intricate, nature-inspired, abstract patterns of Khchao Touch may seem psychedelic in tone, yet they stem from a profound experience of meditation, deeply embedded in the artist’s life and practice.”  From 6 pm.  An artist’s talk will follow on Saturday 29 at 1 pm, with a workshop at 2 pm.
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On Saturday 29 from 6 pm at Sra’Art, the opening of a joint exhibition The Art of Detachment,  by Adana Mam Legros and Roman Koenig.
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Also on Saturday 29, at Good Times X, the new gallery/hostel/rooftop bar on the corner of Sts 19 and 172, a closing eventn for the photographic exhibition, Before the Fall: Phnom Penh 1973 – April 7th, 1975, by Colin Grafton, featuring a blues jam by Colin and friends.  More info

Saturdays in August, Java Tuol Tom Pong presents A new dawn, by dance troup New Cambodian Artists.   Doors open 6.30 pm, tickets $15.  “This piece reflects the past two years of NCA – the travels and performances in and outside of Cambodia. The international teachers and fellow artists we have worked with made us realize contemporary dance is an international language with people from all over the world cooperating together. This piece is an ode to our teachers and influences from Japan to Germany, from Britain to Holland. NCA, the world is our stage.”
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Howl Cambodia is compiling an anthology of words centred on the events and stories of this year, Face Masks and Hand Gels: A Year of Living Covidly. If you would like to submit an original poem or a prose piece (English, 400 words max.), email wayne@songsaa.com for details.
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We note the end of an era with the closure on 31 August of Java Café Independence after 20 years, and wish the continued flourishing of Java at Tuol Kork, Tuol Tom Pong and Futures Factory.  Coming soon is an on-line archive of 20 years of exhibitions here.

For a more rock’n’roll view of Phnom Penh and the wider Cambodian music scene, please check out our sister publication lengpleng.com, the long running live music gig guide.

Note: we are now accepting donations for the on-going work of Kumnooh, which can be made either via payment to fabianhipp@kumnooh.com at Paypal, or alternatively in cash which can be arranged by emailing to the same address. Your small contributions will help continue our free and advertising free service into the great, wide future of contemporary arts in Cambodia.

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At Meta House, a joint photographic exhibition, Cambodia before COVID, featuring the work of Steve Porte, Jean Francois Perigois, Thomas Hommeyer and Raphael Pech.  “This exhibition offers a selection of random images by four local photographers, all made prior to March 2020. The goal is simply to illustrate daily life across the country before the onset of COVID-19.”
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At Good Times X, the new gallery/hostel/rooftop bar on the corner of Sts 19 and 172, a photographic exhibition, Before the Fall: Phnom Penh 1973 – April 7th, 1975, selected photos from Dancers 1973 and Phnom Penh Before the Fall: Snapshots From a Besieged City by Colin Grafton.
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Java Creative Café has declared its Open Walls on-line exhibition open, with works by a variety of artists from the Phnom Penh community.  You can view it here

Kampot Art Gallery presents Chan Phoun and Vodka in one exhibition.  “Besides the exhibition there’s a fish room to dive through and a gift shop with Mathilda Graphic designs, upcycled jewellery, comicbooks by Nicolas C. Grey, greeting cards and art supplies.”
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Transit, an exhibition by Marie Le Mounier and Studio Images, at the French Institute.  “It enters into her concerns regarding the portrayal of reality, in which she shows people questioning the inner working of their urban environment, which they constantly keep passing through.”
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Every Wednesday at Azure Bar & Grill, Sip and Draw with Olga Shkylar – $20 for a two hour workshop; includes drawing materials and a drink.
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Also on Thursdays, Sra’Art is holding a kids’ art club, with art-based activities for kids of different ages through the day.
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