Kumnooh: Cambodia arts for week commencing 16 June, 2020


Transit, an exhibition by Marie Le Mounier and Studio Images, at the French Institute, opens today, Tuesday 16.  “It enters into her concerns regarding the portrayal of reality, in which she shows people questioning the inner working of their urban environment, which they constantly keep passing through.”  There will, however, be no public opening due to health security protocols.
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Every Wednesday at Azure Bar & Grill, Sip and Draw with Olga Shkylar – $20 for a two hour workshop; includes drawing materials and a drink.
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The Literati Society of Phnom Penh resumes its monthly meeting for readings this Wednesday at Villa Grange, from 7 pm.

On Thursday 17 Meta House presents the first night of International Video Art Fest, screening a selection of video art from the archive at Thailand Media and Arts Festial, from 6 pm on the Meta Balcony.
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Thursday Tales has been relocated to upstairs at The Exchange, and will occur on the third Thursday each month.  This week’s event will feature photographer Anders Jira, a aerialist performance by Mel Nutter, and Osokuma.
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Also on Thursdays, Sra’Art is holding a kids’ art club, with art-based activities for kids of different ages through the day.
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Kampot Art Gallery presents Chan Phoun and Vodka in one exhibition.  “Besides the exhibition there’s a fish room to dive through and a gift shop with Mathilda Graphic designs, upcycled jewellery, comicbooks by Nicolas C. Grey, greeting cards and art supplies.”
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For a more rock’n’roll view of Phnom Penh and the wider Cambodian music scene, please check out our sister publication lengpleng.com, the long running live music gig guide.

Note: we are now accepting donations for the on-going work of Kumnooh, which can be made either via payment to fabianhipp@kumnooh.com at Paypal, or alternatively in cash which can be arranged by emailing to the same address. Your small contributions will help continue our free and advertising free service into the great, wide future of contemporary arts in Cambodia.

Are we missing something?  Let us know at fabianhipp@kumnooh.com.

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Fabian Hipp




At Meta House, Everything in its right place, an exhibition by Christopher Bryce Morris Wise.  “I’ve always been drawn to the perplexing mathematics of interpersonal relationships. Recently, I couldn’t help but see everything and everyone as basic shapes – some that fit, some that don’t.  Everyone angular, quartered. These shapes arrange-interact or overlap-in strange geometry. An ever-changing design that becomes a puzzle to solve, a spell to chant mantra-like alone. Solitary and separated, we exist in increasingly isolated spaces – turning inward. The square of an apartment, rectangular bed peeking at a door, the dull glow of screens reduce into even smaller vistas. Life a serrated keyhole that cuts ourselves out or in. We mystify demystification and conjure ourselves: the flat shapes that remain.”
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At the Kampot Art Gallery, Kampot: The Changing Landscape. “Neak Sophal and Kong Vollak have created a unique exhibition looking at Kampot and the impact of past, present and future.”
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