Kumnooh: Cambodia arts for week commencing 14 May, 2019


For two nights only, Friday 17 and Saturday 18, at est bar (St 214), a special exhibition by An Nies (Cambodia) and Sarah Jane Runge (New Zealand), Tantric, Tumultuous, Fractured and Afloat. $3 entry includes a glass of prosecco and finger food between 5 pm and 7 pm.
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Marilyn by An Nies

MarilynAn Nies

On Sunday 19, the 2019 classical concert series continues at Raffles Le Royal, Music and Colors, featuring Alexandr Scriabin’s 24 Preludes Op. 11 and the Sonata No3, Op.23 with a light installation, a nod to the composer’s synesthesia: hearing colors/seeing sounds.   $10 / $3, bookings recommended. From 6 pm.
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Monday 20, from 7.30 pm, Drink and Draw returns to Cloud – $4 for two hours with a life model in multiple poses.
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Coming soon:

  • The next meeting of the Literati Society of Phnom Penh will be held at Villa Grange on May 22
  • At the French Institute, Shadows and lights, renowned photographer Klavdij Sluban with the young photographers of the Royal University of Fine Arts and le Studio Images, opening on May 23
  • The launch of Jenny Pisani’s book of poetry, Alchemy, at Cloud, May 24
  • On the evenings of May 25 and 26, Friends International launch their new Futures Factory space with a Futures Festival promising music, art, dance, fashion games and more.
  • My mothers and I, a dance performance at the French Institute by Chey Chankethya, “a dialogue about the tension between the individual’s need for freedom and the oppressive conventions of the closed worlds,” on May 30.
  • Gco-Man! (self-satisfaction), an exhibition by Japanese digital artist and designer Kayoko Yonaga at Bong the Gallery, opens May 31
  • summer charity concert by choir Musica Felice at Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra, June 2, tickets now on sale

Note: we are now accepting donations for the on-going work of Kumnooh, which can be made either via payment to fabianhipp@kumnooh.com at Paypal, or alternatively in cash which can be arranged by emailing to the same address. Your small contributions will help continue our free and advertising free service into the great, wide future of contemporary arts in Cambodia.

See you about…

Fabian Hipp


If you are a venue or artist and would like to receive a weekly reminder to provide Kumnooh with an upcoming event or activity, please contact fabianhipp@kumnooh.com and ask to be added to the venue/artists list.

In brief: new and returning…

Friday 17 and Saturday 18, 5 pm at est bar (St 214), an exhibition by An Nies (Cambodia) and Sarah Jane Runge (New Zealand), Tantric, Tumultuous, Fractured and Afloat. $3 entry.
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Sunday 19, 6 pm, at Raffles Le Royal, Music and Colors, featuring Alexandr Scriabin’s 24 Preludes Op. 11 and the Sonata No3, Op.23 with a light installation.   $10 / $3.
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Monday 20, 7.30 pm, Drink and Draw at Cloud – $4 for two hours with a life model.

Ongoing…. exhibitions, dance performances and others


At Bong the Gallery, illusions/dis/illusions by Erick Gonzalez at Bong the Gallery (Sothearos Blvd, just north of St 178), an intriguing collection of high concept pieces, objects, optical art, painting and installation. “I started creating art from my own vision of my society, of my daily reality. Then, with the years of experience and artistic evolution, I try to make of my works a reflection of the society in which I live. Without judgments. Without answers. Sometimes I hit, sometimes I’m wrong, but that’s part of the process. There is nothing to regret. I just try to show people what I see of them and of the society. I think art can help to find sense to this life. Art is also a source of knowledge.”
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At Java Independence, Micro Organics, an exhibition by Yim Maline. “Yim Maline’s artwork starts with walking. Walking through natural spaces, undisturbed by human intervention. The shapes and colors of flowers, roots, and trees that she observes form the basis of her compositions. It is in these quiet landscapes that Maline seeks a reconciliation with her personal history and the cycles and resilience of nature. This exhibition is included in the programme Landscape Afterwar(d)s.” Until 21 June.
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At Bophana Center, Landscapes Afterwar(d)s, organised by Soko Phay and Patrick Nardin, “bringing together the artworks resulting from two workshops held in 2017 at the Royal University of Fine Arts. […] A group of young artists, both Cambodian and international, who have worked within the program’s context and on the memory of places, especially that of Phnom Penh, a city in constant turmoil. Their photographs, videos and installations show how they recognize themselves in the events of the past, through different types of archives, vestiges and testimonies. The diversity and polysemy of their works also testifies to the transition from the I to the We, from an intimate experience to a greater collective consciousness.” Until May 25.
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At Imag’in Café-Photo-Galerie on St 93, a photographic exhibition, Transition, by Martin Jacquemin, exploring the changes affecting the Cham community living on the banks of the Mekong River.
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At ARTillery Café on St 240½, an exhibition of woodcut artworks by Kek Soon, Bou’Sra Series.
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In Siem Reap, at MIRAGE Contemporary Art Space, A place for us, a group exhibition by artists of Open Studio Cambodia, based in Kampot – featuring work by Chan Phoun, Morn Chear, Pav Rasmey, Yim Mary, Long Lavy, Srey Norp, Rath Rathana and Lauren Iida. “Every piece unravels a story for the viewer, often autobiographical, from anecdotal to epic, uplifting to tragic to otherworldly.” Until 10 June.
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At TRIBE Cambodia, in Siem Reap, Elements, the first exhibition in Cambodia by UK artist Carne Griffiths. Until 31 May.
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At the Kampot Art Gallery, Kampot: The Changing Landscape. “Neak Sophal and Kong Vollak have created a unique exhibition looking at Kampot and the impact of past, present and future.”
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Elegy: Reflections on Angkor by John McDermott. The award-winning American photographer maintains his strong presence on the Siem Reap art scene with his mesmerizing monochromatic fine art images of Angkor taken between 1995-2014. Now exhibiting in two McDermott Galleries located at FCC Angkor and Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor.
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Every Thursday and Friday, 6.30 pm at Counterspace Theatre, Java Creative Café Tuol Tom Pong, the dance company Sophiline Arts Ensemble presents performances of Cambodian dance. “Featuring a stellar cast dressed in fanciful costumes, The Lives of Giants is a contemporary meditation on bullying, cycles of violence, and the responsibilities of wielding power.” Tickets $18.
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Saturdays and Sundays, 6.30 pm at Counterspace Theatre, Java Creative Café Tuol Tom Pong, Prumsodun Ok and NATYARASA present performances of Vajramala – Spirit of Khmer Dance. Tickets $25.
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Dance Academy Cambodia has a wide range of dance classes through the week at Urban Tower, 5th Floor, #20 Street 51 (opposite Blue Dog, near The Place).
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New Cambodian Artists in Siem Reap present weekly performances of contemporary dance every Saturday.
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The Traditional Dance Show, presented by Cambodian Living Arts, takes place at the National Museum stage. The hour-long performance showcases classical and folk dances from across Cambodia, including the famous Apsara. Every night Monday-Saturday (October-April) and every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday (May to September).
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The Kok Thlok arts organisation is presenting twice weekly shadow puppet and Khmer theatre performances at the National Library, St 61, every Friday and Sunday at 6.30 pm. Kok Thlok are offering a membership card, with an annual fee of $30, that provides unlimited access (including for family members or two friends) to the rolling programme planned over the next four years to present the 24 forms of traditional theatre.
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N o w h e r e Gallery presents frequent workshops such as Self Portrait Acrylic on Canvas, Bookbinding for beginners and Brush lettering for beginners. Bookings always essential, spaces limited. Mostly Saturdays and Sundays although occasionally midweek.

The theatrical group the Francophone Troupe of Phnom Penh is holding a theatre workshops at 6.30 pm every Wednesday at Restaurant 63 Bassac, on St 308. Sessions are in French but perfect French is not required. $10/session (2 hours).
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Every Saturday at 5 pm, Bophana Center presents Cine Saturday. Programme changes every week, across a wide range of cinema experiences.
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Most Sundays (and occasionally Saturdays) Khmer Architecture Tours presents a range of the architectural wonders of Phnom Penh. 8.30 am start, reservations essential.
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Performing arts courses at Brighton International School (#79 street 310) for ages 4 – 6 and 7 – 11 – singing, dancing, acting, every Saturday.
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Fortnightly on Wednesdays, at Cloud, a poetry writing workshop hosted by Jessica of Feminist Voices Phnom Penh for anyone looking to expand their writing, find their voice and build confidence. Please bring something to write with.
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New art programmes for children from three years old and up is now underway at Ocarina School led by a certified art teacher, Océane. “Ocarina is the first and only French-speaking activities center offering French standard after-school music and art curriculums for children from 6 months to 17 years old.”
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