Kumnooh: Cambodia arts for week commencing 10 April, 2018

Chol chnam thmei.

Unsurprisingly an empty week, but coming up:

For a more rock’n’roll musical flavour of Phnom Penh, make sure you follow weekly gig guide LengPleng.com as well.

Fabian Hipp

If you are a venue or artist and would like to receive a weekly reminder to provide Kumnooh with an upcoming event or activity, please contact fabianhipp@kumnooh.com and ask to be added to the venue/artists list.


At Meta House, Identicity: a visual dialogue about life in the urban habitat: a multidisciplinary exhibition by Cambodian and international artists curated by Miguel Jerónimo reflecting on Phnom Penh and how the city shapes the existence of its inhabitants.
More info

At Meta House, an exhibition by Steve Porte featuring a selection of portraits of Phnom Penh musicians.
More info

At the French Institute, an exhibition of photographs by Lola Reboud & Le Studio Images: Between Documentary and Fiction.   “The work of Lola Reboud oscillates between fiction and documentary, and shows both locations and characters in a mysterious and poetic universe.”   Until April 21.
More info

At The Plantation, Feel Free by Alias 2.0. “Feel Free will explore the evolution of Cambodia and the artist through abstract graffiti and found material installations using metal and wood collected from the city’s poorest neighborhoods.  Matter is never created nor destroyed, only transformed.”
More info

At ARTillery, These Walls by Jenna Hang, a look at the walls of Phnom Penh.
More info

At Java Independence Monument, a new exhibition of artworks by Romcheik 5 artists Nget Chanpenh and Mil Chankrim, About Destiny: Two Perspectives. “Chanpenh’s series of paintings titled Tattooed Children explores how individual fates are determined by social status or situation […] Chankrim’s series of watercolors titled Back to Images features wiry and strangely proportioned figures in varying hues.”
More info

At For Art’s Sake at Thaddeus Gallery, Siem Reap, Decomposition, an exhibition of work by Maline Yim: cardboard, with graphite, charcoal, ink and acrylic pencil.
More info

At The Kampot Art Gallery (located on the corner of the salt workers roundabout), a collection of works from the Battambang gallery Romcheik 5, notably Waiting for Ice – Melt by Nget Chanpenh.
More info

SaSaBassac presents a new solo exhibition by Tith Kanitha, Instinct.   The exhibition “brings together sixteen steel wire sculptures of varying sizes and distinctive, biomorphic forms. The artist has playfully staged them as characters throughout the exhibition space in both conventional and surprising ways – they hang, drape and dangle at different levels from the ceiling and walls, and rest on or slightly off open-ended pedestals.”
More info

Every Saturday at 5 pm, Bophana Center presents Cine Saturday. Programme changes every week, across a wide range of cinema experiences.
More info

Every Saturday morning at 10 am Coin Café presents free apsara dance classes for children.
More info

Most Sundays (and occasionally Saturdays) Khmer Architecture Tours presents a range of the architectural wonders of Phnom Penh. 8.30 am start, reservations essential.
More info

The Phnom Penh Writers Workshop holds events every second Sunday afternoon for Phnom Penh writers who are interested in discussion and critique of their works in progress. If you would like to be involved, please contact Claire (clairemarchantcollier [ @ ] gmail.com or John john.christopher.brown [ @ ] gmail.com.

Performing arts courses at Brighton International School (#79 street 310) for ages 4 – 6 and 7 – 11 – singing, dancing, acting, every Saturday.
More info

New Leaf Book Cafe
 in Siem Reap, has a continuous exhibition for Small Art School, featuring the work of young aspiring Cambodian artists.
More info

Elegy: Reflections on Angkor by John McDermott. The award-winning American photographer maintains his strong presence on the Siem Reap art scene with his mesmerizing monochromatic fine art images of Angkor taken between 1995-2014. Now exhibiting in two McDermott Galleries located at FCC Angkor and Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor.
More info

The Traditional Dance Show, presented by Cambodian Living Arts, takes place at the National Museum stage. The hour-long performance showcases classical and folk dances from across Cambodia, including the famous Apsara. Every night Monday-Saturday (October-April) and every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday (May to September).
More info


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