Welcome to Kumnooh

Kumnooh (Khmer: art) is a new visual, literary, cinematic, performance and related contemporary arts guide for Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and elsewhere in Cambodia.

Kumnooh is conceived as a sister to the Leng Pleng mailing list and gig guide, which over the past four years has made a huge contribution to the growing strength of the music community in Cambodia, both expat and Khmer, bringing together artists, venues and audiences. If you are unfamiliar with Leng Pleng, check it here: www.lengpleng.com. The initial Kumnooh mailing list will be drawn from the resources of Leng Pleng and the Bong Thom classifieds website with appropriate opt-out provisions.

Kumnooh will commence as:

* a weekly email, every TUESDAY, giving information on:
* exhibition openings, launches, workshops, readings, screenings, performances etc
* listings for current exhibitions
* advance notice of upcoming events

* this accompanying web page: http://www.kumnooh.com
* mailing list sign-up
* maps/directions to venues
* links to venue/group websites
* groups and activities
* artist resources
*The web page is still a skeleton at this stage, but will be grown in the coming weeks. Your advice or input on areas not being covered will be appreciated.

We hope you will help us in this effort to build stronger communications and networks within the visual, literary, cinematic, performance and related arts in Cambodia.

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